A Simple Church Website Strategy that Brings Visitors into your Church

Discover a strategy for your church that brings website visitors into your church and helps them know how to take the next step and get fully connected to your church.

You can view each page mentioned in this strategy here:

Home: https://yourdomain.church
I’m New: https://yourdomain.church/new
Plan a Visit: https://yourdomain.church/visit
Next Steps: https://yourdomain.church/next
Connect: https://yourdomain.church/connect

If you’re interested in building your church website from scratch, you can use our Digital Church template that has this strategy baked into it. Just edit the content and publish your site. Check out the Digital Church Platform here: https://digitalchurchplatform.com

Also, if you’re interested in having us custom build your church website for you from scratch, check out https://digitalchurchagency.com

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